Paolo Vasi


897.04 sospensione
Ø 90 cm (35,43”) H max 200 cm (78,74”)
6 x E27 9W LED
peso Kg: ~ 90
Metallo: Nickel nero + cavi acciaio
Colori: AMBRA/TALPA “pulegoso”
* Altre dimensioni su richiesta

Misure: Ø 90 cm (35,43”) H max 200 cm (78,74”)

Codice: 897.04


Paolo Vasi

Paolo Vasi was born 1968 in Ravenna; following the ancient tradition of the town in the art of the mosaic, he attends the Istituto d’Arte per il Mosaico, becoming Master of Art.

He has been living in Bologna and Florence for several years, working for the fashion industry, but always keeping an eye on the world of modern and contemporary art. Constantly hunting art and design pieces of the 20th century, he travels around the world, coordinating a team of artisans and restorers for his gallery on Via Margutta in Rome, where he lives and operates since 2009.

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