The Damiani family announces the acquisition of Venini S.p.A.

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20January 2016 – The Damiani family has announced that it has reached an agreement for the acquisitionof the majority holding of the share capitalof Venini, the most famous and awarded artistic glass company in the world, founded in 1921which is a synonym for Italian quality with its 95 years of history in the artistic glass processing. It has been one of the key players in Murano since its foundation, contributing to the renewal and, in particular, the requalificationofthe glassmaking business which is hundreds of years old.

The Milanese lawyer Paolo Venini, founder of the company, immediately stood out for his ability to attract talented artists, architectsand designers. Since its foundation, Venini has worked with the best architects and designers in the world like Tomaso Buzzi, the award-winning TobiaScarpa and his father Carlo Scarpa, the Swedish ceramist Tyra Lundgren, the brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana, the American painter and stylist Ken Scott, Fulvio Bianconi, the Finnish designer and sculptor TapioWirkkala and Alessandro Mendini, the Japanese Tadao Ando, GioPonti, GaeAulenti, Ettore SottsassandMassimiliano Fuksas.

Venini S.p.A.currently has about 80 employees and is distributed in various countries around the world, especially in Europe, Asia and North America.The Venini museumdisplays 45,000 drawings, 6000 historic photosand 4,000 works of art.Venini works, unique for importance in the art glass world, can be found in many books and are displayed in art museums around the world including the Cartier Foundation in Paris, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, the Metropolitan Museum, theMOMA in New Yorkand the Triennale in Milan. Some scenes of the 007 film Moonrakerof 1979were shot in the Veninishop in Piazza San Marco, Venice and inside the furnaceon Murano.

Guido Damiani, President of the Damianigroup, commented, “Veniniis a unique company in the world with a tradition of excellence,creativity, made in Italy craftsmanshipand uniqueness. These are the key values which have always guided the company alongside a profoundpassionfor the art. Venini has been able to count on the local availability of the ancient, exclusive expertise of Murano since its foundation.These are the same strong points which have always been a feature of the Damiani group and family, unitedwith the deep passionfor the goldsmith’s art,handed down from generation to generation.”

Giancarlo Chimento, President and partner of Veninisaid, “The Damiani family is the right partner.The common values, the knowledge of the luxury world and being an ambassador of the best quality Italian goldsmith traditionaround the world will also ensure certain development and growth of the company internationally.”

The Chimento and Tabacchi families, who bought the company in 2001, will remain in the shareholding group with 40% and the Chimento family will continue to perform its operational role in the management of the company, aiding Damiani in the new growth strategies.
Damiani was assisted in the operation by Giancarlo Malerba and Giancarlo Cortese, lawyer, of Studio Biscozzi Nobili.
Venini Holding and Giancarlo Chimento on behalf of the sole partner used the legal consultancy of Susanna Rizzieri of the law firm Rizzieri of Padua, and the advisor Bruno Savio of Studio Savio& Partners, Vicenza, with the M&A division of UBI.

The acquisitionis part of the strategyof the Damiani family to invest and develop historic luxury brands, like Damiani, Salvini, Rocca, Calderoniand Pomellato

Damiani was founded in Valenza in 1924 and is now managed by the third generation, the brothers and sister Guido, Chairman, Silvia and Giorgio Damiani, both deputy chairpersons. Damiani is the only international brand which has designed and produced jewelry since its foundation and one of the few international brands still managed by the founder’s direct descendants. The brand is an attentive interpreter of a historic heritage that has full respect for tradition. Every Damiani jewel is the result of painstaking creative work, exclusive design, great attention to detail, the quality of the gems and the precision of the craftsmanship. Today, the jewels are still made by hand, one by one, in Italy.
Damiani is leader in the Italian market of the production and sale of fine jewelry and watches and can be found in Italy and around the world with single-brand boutiques in the best luxury shopping streets in addition to selective distribution in leading department stores and multi-brand shops. In its 91 years of history, Damiani has won many awards and is the only jewelry company in the world to have won 18 Diamond International Awards, the international jewelry Oscar, as well as many other awards in the fields of design, business and communications. This is a confirmation of how much Damiani is valued worldwide for the all-Italian style, design and craftsmanship of its creations. Damiani jewels are the first choice of many stars and actresses and many celebrities have worn Damiani – Sharon Stone, Jennifer Aniston, Isabella Rossellini, Brad Pitt, Gwyneth Paltrow and Sophia Loren, to name but a few. Many celebrities have won an Oscar while wearing Damiani such as Tilda Swinton, Paolo Sorrentino and Milena Canonero.

Veniniis the largest craftsman furnace in Murano with 13 ovens alight 24hours a day for 11months of the year, 18grinding machines, and 500 tonnes of siliceous sandprocessed a year.
Tradition, skill, craftsman knowledge and famous co-operations showcase Italian excellence with VENINI. It was founded by Paolo Veniniand Giacomo Capellinin Venice in 1921 and soon became a reference point in the creative glass panorama, also due to the work with leading international artistsand designerswho experimented and explored all the possibilities offered by glass. The stylistic identitywhich still marksthe company is definedby the reinterpretationof traditional patterns, opening towards the artistic futurisms and the mastery of the processing techniques due to the contributions of the leading master glassmakers on Murano.
Since its foundation, Venini hasworked with the best architectsand designersin the world like Tomaso Buzzi, theaward-winning TobiaScarpaand his father Carlo Scarpa, the Swedish ceramistTyra Lundgren, the brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana, the American painter and stylist Ken Scott, Fulvio Bianconi, the Finnish designer and sculptorTapioWirkkalaand Alessandro Mendini, the Japanese Tadao Ando, GioPonti, GaeAulentiand Ettore Sottsass. Veninican be found in Italywith a single brand shop in the fashion district of Milan, one in Venice, one in Murano and around the world in various corner shops.