DESIGN MIAMI/ 2014 -‘Dechainements’ by Vincenzo De Cotiis

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‘Dechainements’ by Vincenzo De Cotiis
Design Miami/ Miami, USA
3 -7 December 2014

Carwan Gallery is proud to present newly commissioned work from the Italian architect Vincenzo De Cotiis. ‘Dechainements’ is a collection of limited edition tables, rugs and glass lighting, inspired by a trip to Beirut, Lebanon. The architect explores with his unique sensibility the perceptions of different layers of the urban space and diverse architecture translated in contemporary objects. The collection has been created thanks to the special collaborations of Venini for the handmade Murano glass lightings and Iwan Maktabi for the oxydized rug.

“I have thought very often after my return from Beirut how this trip has impressed me… I see the lines of the architecture blurred in the traces of a lost urbanism. Life is happening at night, the “reconstruction” is more evident in the dark. The awakening is overwhelming, between uneasiness and amazement, an organic flow of a culture that wants to revive.
The construction or rather continued reconstruction of the city isn’t expressed by any clear set of rules. It’s an architectural landscape that’s layered in different aesthetics and time periods that are vague and worn by time. All of this fascinated me.”
Vincenzo De Cotiis