Ando for Venini

Punta della dogana

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Venezia, a Punta della Dogana

“From the time of its establishment, Venini has continued to boldly take on challenges in its pursuit of the timeless theme to fuse tradition with innovation. The objet made to commemorate Venini’s 90th anniversary symbolizes Venini’s esteemed creative spirit as an “encounter” between the 1000-year-old traditional Venetian glass craft techniques and pure geometric form.
The object is composed from three elements of the same shape. These elements are triangular columns with curved surfaces that are generated from inverting isosceles triangles between the top and bottom of the shaft. The simple geometric operation conducted on the distinctively textured Venetian glass creates a glass product of a completely new character. By bringing together three of these elements in various arrangements, glass objects are made that take on different expressions with the light. The Venetian glass tradition that has been maintained for a thousand years will surely continue to live on through its further “encounters” with fresh, inspirational designs.”