Napoleone Martinuzzi

Sculptor, designer and businessman in the glass sector, he studied at the Fine Arts Academy of Venice. Beloved by D’Annunzio, from 1917 he run for him several works. From 1922 to 1931 he directed the Museo Vetrario in Murano. He worked for the Succ. Andrea Rioda and founded with Paolo Venini and Francesco Zecchin the “Vetri Soffiati Muranesi Venini & C.”, for which he became the artistic director. After an initial period in which he carried on the concepts defined by his predecessor Vittorio Zecchin, creating beautiful pieces in blown glass, he elaborated his own distinct style directly derived from his experience as sculptor. In 1932 he left Venini and founded the Zecchin-Martinuzzi Vetri Artistici with Francesco Zecchin, for which he realized refined opaque and pulegosi glasses with a great plastic effect.