Matteo Thun

He graduated in Architecture at the Florence University in 1975; he then moved to Milan where he started to collaborate with Ettore Sottsass. From 1983 he started to teach design at the University in Wien, until 2000. In 1984 he founded he Matteo Thun Studio and he started to work for the Swatch as the artistic director (1990-1993). Winner of three awards “Compassi d’Oro”, he is a stylish and sensual designer, with a wide experience in the luxury sector: in fact there are many five stars hotels that bear his signature. Thun focuses on taste and balance, the ability to create a dialogue between their different components and, finally, to realize pleasant and sometimes unexpected relationships between architecture and the surroundings. This means a different approach depending on the context- urban or natural – in which it is to place the intervention. For Venini he designed the series “Susanni” in 2011, faithful reproduction of simple pots to contain beans, chickpeas and lentils. Transparent, elegant, small size and proportion, may be an aesthetic response to daily life.