Michela Cattai

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Michela Cattai is based in Milan and Venice. Graduated in Painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice with Fabrizio Plessi, she starts her research on glass attending the Design course held by Ennio Chiggio, thanks to whom she understands the meaning of semantic and semiotic in the context of Italian design, focusing her study on glass. In this period she is selected to participate in a collective exhibition at the Murano Glass museum. In 1992, she founds the Galleria Michela Cattai in Milan, with the aim to build an important dialogue between art and design. Still bounded to Venice, she decides to deepen the study on glass inside the furnace, experiencing herself the Murano blown glass practice. In April 2017, Michela Cattai was invited to present her research on glass at the Chamber of Deputies in Rome. Her artworks are presented in international exhibitions and fairs and are part of private and public collections.