Mimmo Rotella


Lighting table sculpture in hand-made and blown glass.

Metal: burnished

Colore: STRAW-YELLOW with spot GREY

Misure: 11” x 6,70” x 12,60"

Codice: 01524


Mimmo Rotella

Mimmo Rotella was born in 1918 in Catanzaro; he studied at the Art Academy in Naples and then he moved to Rome. There he conducted various researches and experiments: photographs, photo-montages, decollages, assemblages of heterogeneous objects, phonetic poetry, primitive music. His works were imposed immediately to the attention of critics and collectors of avant-garde.

In 1961 he participated to the invitation of the French critic Pierre Reastany to join the group Nuoveaux Reealistes, and in 1963 he produced his first works of mechanical art.

In 1990 he painted on decollages portraits of the ‘900 masters of art; these decollages made him famous around the world.

For Venini, Mimmo Rotella designed the series “Replicanti”, figures who prefer to live light houses rather than museums, a private relationship instead of a pure religious contemplation and spaced; and the “Sasso” lamp, a work in blown glass and hand-made, characterized by a particular play of reflections. The hot glass mass is modeled to obtain a form which evokes that of a stone.


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