This project is characterized by a single element that can be employed by itself or can be repeated infinite times. Each single glass module is blown directly inside a metal structure.

Metal: black chromium-plated

Colore: Milk-white

1: 904.00 - Swing lamp - L 131” H 16,53" - 11elements: 11 x CFL 11W E27

2: 904.01 - Swing lamp - L 15,94" L2 10,62" H 6,53" - 1element: 1 x CFL 11W E27

3: 904.03 - Swing lamp - L 39,37” H 6,53" - 3 elements: 3 x CFL 11W E27

4: 904.05 - Swing lamp - L 62,2" H 6,53" - 5 elements: 5 x CFL 11W E27



I M Lab – Supriya Mankad and Alessandro Isola graduated from The Architectural Association, London in 2003 and went on to work with some famous architectural practices like Foster+ Partners before setting up their own practice in 2008. Their experience ranges from small scale furniture and product design to large scale buildings from design to conception. Throughout they have collaborated academically and professionally on various projects and share a common interest in exploring the relationship between technique and materiality and trying to push the limits of both to develop products and spaces.

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