Alberto Biagetti


Swing light hand made blown glass
1 x LED 12,7W 1161ml
Metal: Opaque Brass

Colore: CRYSTAL canes Milk-White/Aquamarine/Amber/Amethyst/Grass green

Misure: Ø 2,7" H cm 16,92" H max 78,74"

Codice: 887.34


Alberto Biagetti

Alberto Biagetti, artist and designer, was born in Santarcangelo di Romagna in 1972. He designs with extraordinary lightness and apparent ease glass michrocosmos and mirror architectures, colorful bones and non-existent horizons, oscillating between ancient and orient, serious and ludic, poetry and chaos.
His work is the result of multiple linguistic inventions which generate objects, paintings and installations, located in galleries and private collections.
He founded with Alessandro Guerriero the Radiosity studio and the school FUTURARIUM; he collaborated with Elio Fiorucci, Studio Azzurro, RaiSat, Fiat, Alessi and many others. In 2003 he opened his studio, Atelier Biagetti.

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