Emir Uras


867.00 table lamp
Ø 42 cm (16,53”) H 35 cm (13,77”)
9W LED – dimmer
Metal: Chromium plated
Colors: opaline AMBER – opaline GREY

Misure: Ø 16,53” H 13,77”

Tecnica di lavorazione: Opal

Codice: 867.00


Emir Uras

Emir Uras studied architecture at the Architectural Association (AA) London.

He received his Masters Degree in Architecture from Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCIARC) Los Angeles. He set up URAStudio in 1995 in Los Angeles and moved his practice to Istanbul in 1998.

He is an architect, designer and artist working on a multitude of various projects from his current studio in Bebek, İstanbul.


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Milk-white is an opal glass, created for the first time in Murano in the early 15th century in order to imitate porcelains, which were very renowned in Europe in those times. This particular type of color is obtained by overlapping transparent colors to the Milk-white one. Sometimes it is possible to add
some gold leaves in order to obtain the “Aurati” vases.