Fulvio Bianconi


Numbered Edition

Blown handmade glass vases with “Ritagli” decorations, applied when glass is still hot.

Green iridescent/Aquamarine

Sand iridescent/Red

Misure: Ø 8,66” H 11,81”

Codice: 552.00


Fulvio Bianconi

Settling in Milan, he collaborated as graphic designer and illustrator with the publishers Mondadori, Bombiani, Garzanti and frescoed the Galtrucco shops and Trade Fair pavilions.
In 1946 he travelled many times to Murano to learn more about the art of glassmaking. Here he met Paolo Venini who, sensing the creative spirit of the young Bianconi, invited him to collaborate with his glassworks. From his with the Figure della Commedia dell’Arte, the Tiepolos the Fazzoletto, the Sirene, the Pezzati and many others emerged. New workmanship techniques of the glassmaking art and revision of the age-old ones were the subject of the creative research of Fulvio Bianconi.
Molding movement and color into his glass pieces, Fulvio Bianconi established a totally up-to-date link with the history of Murano.

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