Quattro Stagioni

Laura de Santillana


Numbered Edition

Blown handmade glass plates, realized with the “Incalmo” technique. A “Murrina” is placed in the center. The plate is then cut on a mill in order to obtain a “Battuto” effect.

1: 488.20 Primavera Ø 14" Green murrina green/crystal

2: 488.21 Estate ø 14" Red murrina orange/apple green

3: 488.22 Autunno ø 14" Tea murrina tea/straw yellow

4: 488.23 Inverno ø 14" Light blue murrina milk-white/crystal

Tecnica di lavorazione: Beaten, Murrine




In the late 30’s the glass masters started to realize some new techniques, for which the decorative element is fundamental. Beaten and cut glass is characterized by an engraved surface with small irregular parallel scratches.


This is one of the most ancient techniques and dates back to the Roman Age. It was
reintroduced in Murano in the late 14th century. To obtain the Murrine a cane has to
be produced and then cut in small pieces, which normally have a particular drawing
inside. The Murrine are then melted together, following a precise design, and then blown
until the desired shape is obtained.