Emmanuel Babled


Limited edition

Works realized in blown handmade glass with a marble base.

Colore: Crystal/Black

1: 03215 Osmosi vaso Ø 35 cm H cm 40

2: 03217 Osmosi tavolo Ø 70 cm H cm 84

3: 03218 Osmosi tavolo Ø 85 cm H cm 65

Tecnica di lavorazione: Bands, Canes and Filigree


Emmanuel Babled

He was born in France in 1967.
In Paris he created several interior decoration designs for private residences. He collaborated with some important French companies designing furniture and household objects.
In 1992 he opened a studio a studio in Milan, contributing his designs to several Italian companies.
He began his collaboration with Venini in 1993.

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This technique consists in melting some colored bands over a transparent glass mass. These bands are then covered with another layer of transparent glass. In this way it is possible to obtain a very interesting multicolored drawing.

Canes and Filigree

The Cane is a circular glass element. It can be thick and full whet employed to obtain the “Murrine”, multicolored (transparent and opaque) or monochrome. The smallest cane is called “Cannetta” (little cane). The cane employed to obtain the Filigree can be linear transparent with a colored glass filaments inside, or twisted. There is the “reticello” Filigree with a delicate drawing inside, the “ritortoli” Filigree with some filaments that create a spiral drawing. The latter is also known as “zanfirico” (from Antonio Sanguirico, an antique dealer). The canes are melted together and then blown in order to obtain a unique object. The works realized with this technique are very precious
due to the difficulty of manufacturing.