Monofiori Balloton


Blown handmade glass, realized with the traditional tecnique called “Balloton”, with a glass thread, applied when hot, on the upper part of the object.

Colore: Grey/Red thread, Sand/Red thread, Apple Green/Red thread, Aquamarine/Red thread, Horizon/Red thread, Red/Green thread, Bamboo/Red thread

1: 100.14 Ø 4,33” H 4,92”

2: 100.16 Ø 5,51” H 6,49”

3: 100.18 Ø 7” H 8”

4: 100.29 Ø 8,46” H 9,64”

Tecnica di lavorazione: Balloton



This technique is employed to obtain a particular optical illusion. The glass mass is blown inside a metal mold which has little pyramid points inside. These points give to the object an interesting crossed effect.