Paolo Venini


Limited Edition in 49 artpiece each

1: 722.03 Ø 12 H 41,5 cm (4,72” - 16,33”) - TORMALINA - GRANATO

2: 722.04 16 x 12 H 36,5 cm (6,29” - 4,72” - 14,37”) - COBALTO - GIADA

3: 722.05 36,5 x 21 H 22 cm (14,37” - 8,26” - 8,66”) - QUARZO

Tecnica di lavorazione: Engraved


Paolo Venini

In 1921 Paolo Venini, a lawyer from Milan, whose family was distantly involved in glass-making, founded with the antique dealer Giacomo Cappellin the company Venini & C.
He always worked alongside his designers and architects, with the goal to anticipate and guide the flavour, checking out every model from his furnaces.
His safe aesthetic choices, combined with high quality products, procured to his glassware a remarkable success in critics and audiences.
He devoted himself to design since the early 30s: in 1936 he produced the “Diamante” glasses and, in collaboration with Carlo Scarpa, the “murrine romane”.
He participated to all the Triennials in Milan and the Biennials in Venice, and exhibited in all the European countries and the United States.

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Engraved glass is obtained thanks to a grinder made of stone. The object is engraved on the surface when cold