Napoleone Martinuzzi


“Napoleone Martinuzzi (1892-1977) is considered one of the most significant innovators in the Murano glass art; art director at Venini 1925-1931.
Several new glass techniques were implemented in his creations, which include sculptures, lamps and collectible objects, all of which show his distinguished and unique style.”

* 707.08 Coral, Milk-White

Bamboo, Red, Grey, Mik-white, Apple Green, Aquamarine, Horizon

1: 707.08 Ø 6,69” H 7” - Coral, Milk -White

2: 707.10 Ø 10,23" H 11,41"

Tecnica di lavorazione: Opal




Milk-white is an opal glass, created for the first time in Murano in the early 15th century in order to imitate porcelains, which were very renowned in Europe in those times. This particular type of color is obtained by overlapping transparent colors to the Milk-white one. Sometimes it is possible to add
some gold leaves in order to obtain the “Aurati” vases.