Circo di Lune

Monica Guggisberg & Philip Baldwin


Limited edition in 99 art-pieces for each color

Sculptures made up of spherical elements (transparent, cut, or with “Murrine” applied when hot and bands. The finishing of the metal frame is also very particular “Acidato” and wax treated. Circo di Lune can be hanged on the wall or free-standing.

Colore: Sapphire/green/light green/grass green/acquamarine

Misure: L 22,44” H 17,72” D 6”

Tecnica di lavorazione: Bands, Beaten, Murrine

Codice: 01711


Monica Guggisberg & Philip Baldwin

Monica Guggisberg and Philip Baldwin have worked together for many years (since 1980).
Their fame is due to the purity of forms and to the vivacity of their colours.
Their creations have been exhibited throughout Europe, America and Japan and in many museums.
Originally studying at the Scandinavian school of glass, in recent years the two artists have started to explore the wealth and depth of the Italian glassmaking tradition and techniques.
In 1996 they started their collaboration with Venini for whose collections they design vases and lamps.

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This technique consists in melting some colored bands over a transparent glass mass. These bands are then covered with another layer of transparent glass. In this way it is possible to obtain a very interesting multicolored drawing.


In the late 30’s the glass masters started to realize some new techniques, for which the decorative element is fundamental. Beaten and cut glass is characterized by an engraved surface with small irregular parallel scratches.


This is one of the most ancient techniques and dates back to the Roman Age. It was
reintroduced in Murano in the late 14th century. To obtain the Murrine a cane has to
be produced and then cut in small pieces, which normally have a particular drawing
inside. The Murrine are then melted together, following a precise design, and then blown
until the desired shape is obtained.