Tapio Wirkkala


Handmade and blown glass with the “Incalmo” technique.

Colore: Available in multiple colors

1: 502.01 Ø 7,48” H 7,48”

2: 503.01 Ø 3,93” - H 13,58”

3: 503.00 Ø 5,51” - H 18,70”

4: 502.02 Ø 5,11” H 8,26”

5: 503.02 Ø 5,51” - H 9,84”

Tecnica di lavorazione: Incalmo


Tapio Wirkkala

Versatile and eminent designer, he contributed to increase international reputation of finnish design.
The activity of Tapio Wirkkala in Venini represents an interesting phase of his versatile career, and he deeply influenced the Murano glass scene.
When Wirkkala, in the middle 60s, designed the first objects for Venini, he was already a world famous designer who had worked in various areas of design.
Tapio Wirkkala was the one who exploit the “Incalmo” technique often combined to the “mezzafiligrana” and “murrine”, thanks to the ability of the Venini Glass Masters and the rich palette of colours. His works can be found in the collections of the main museums all over the world.

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This technique is particularly difficult and it is realized by joining two different glass pieces when still hot by their circumference. In this way it is possible to obtain a single object in two different colors.