Black Belt

Peter Marino



Colore: Crystal / Grass Green Black decoration

Misure: ( 8,66” - 6,29” - 9,44”

Tecnica di lavorazione: Bands, Submerged

Codice: 699.22 Ovale Medium


Peter Marino

Peter Marino was born in New York City in August of 1949.
Having begun his studies focused on painting, sculpture and art history, Marino went on
to earn an architecture degree from Cornell University’s College of Architecture, Art and
Marino founded his eponymous, New York–based architecture firm in 1978 and is regarded
as the go-to architect for the highest echelons of luxury design, with award-winning
residential, retail, cultural, and hospitality projects worldwide.
As an architect, Marino is known for integrating art commissions into his architectural
designs, with more than 300 site-specific contemporary works living within his designs. As a
collector, Marino is known for his carefully curated modern and contemporary art collection.
And as an artist in his own right, Marino is known for lending his own unique artistic vision
to the invention of various forms, including a limited edition series of sculptural bronze boxes.

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This technique consists in melting some colored bands over a transparent glass mass. These bands are then covered with another layer of transparent glass. In this way it is possible to obtain a very interesting multicolored drawing.


This is a decorative technique and consists in overlapping several layers of different colored glass. It is realized by submerging several colors of glass inside transparent glass. This technique is able to light up colors and confers to the object a decorative effect, sometimes emphasized with a gold leaf.