Battuti – Canoa

Ludovico Diaz de Santillana, Tobia Scarpa




1: 516.01 Ø 6,69” - H 12,59”

2: 516.12 Ø 14,56” - H 5,9”

3: 516.13 Ø 13,77” - H 17,71”

4: 516.14 Canoa l. 23,62”- 4,72” - H 2,36”

Tecnica di lavorazione: Beaten

Codice: 516


Ludovico Diaz de Santillana

He graduated in architecture in Venice, devoting to the university teaching.
He married Anna Venini, Paolo’s daughter; from the holder’s death in 1985 he became the director of the Venini , then he also worked for EOS, for which he designed important collections.
Ludovico de Santillana gave a great expansion to the glass in architecture and he opened Venini’s furnaces and Murano’s secrets to the young americans, with a sensitive equilibrium between crafts, design and industry.

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Tobia Scarpa

He graduated at the Faculty of Architecture of Venice in 1969.
Since then he has worked both in the field of design and architecture, and also in the restoration realizing, through the collaboration with Afra Bianchin, many important works. Again with Afra Bianchin in 1958 he began to work in the field of glass, collaborating with Venini.
He has received numerous prizes and recognitions, and some of his works are exhibited in the most important museums of the world.
From 2000 he teaches at the ClaDIS industrial design faculty in Venice.

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In the late 30’s the glass masters started to realize some new techniques, for which the decorative element is fundamental. Beaten and cut glass is characterized by an engraved surface with small irregular parallel scratches.