Leonardo Ranucci


Colore: Mint Green

Misure: Ø 17,5 cm H cm 35 (6,88" - 13,77")

Tecnica di lavorazione: Opal

Codice: 706.87


Leonardo Ranucci

A free and creative approach to the industrial design.

This is the direction followed by Leonardo Ranucci’s consulting firm.

He has carried on, over the years, the creation and development of several important jewelry and fashion brands both in Italy and abroad. A unique style, an eclectic and flexible personality.

Jewel designer for passion, elaborates precious suggestions playing on stylistic antithesis: art and experimentation, rigour and fantasy, essentiality and elaboration, ethnical influences and technological innovation mixing in a whole coherent and harmonic.

The echoes of continuos journeys feeding new inspirations, fragments of beauty and poetry revised in a modern point of view. Directions branching off in the world of fashion and tracing future trends.

He began his collaboration for Venini in 2003.

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Milk-white is an opal glass, created for the first time in Murano in the early 15th century in order to imitate porcelains, which were very renowned in Europe in those times. This particular type of color is obtained by overlapping transparent colors to the Milk-white one. Sometimes it is possible to add
some gold leaves in order to obtain the “Aurati” vases.