Alla Morandi

Matteo Thun


Limited edition in 30 art-pieces each + 5

A sensory experience…I have seen Masters blowing glass since years…since years I try to understand what really happens during these seconds…I would like the complexity of the blow to produce something archaic, like in the paintings by Morandi…I would like to thank the masters of Venini for having understand the “timeless” with their “silent blowings”…
Matteo Thun

Bottles in blown handmade glass, then veiled and cut on the mill.
Base: “Santa Fiore” stone

1: 02583 L 12,99” H 1,96” + 15,35” - Colors: Grey/straw yellow/crystal

2: 03058 L 12,99” H 1,96” + 14,17” - Colors: Wistaria/straw yellow/grape

3: 02709 L 2,99” - 1,96” - 15,35” - Colors: Wistaria/sand/grape

Tecnica di lavorazione: Beaten, Glazed




In the late 30’s the glass masters started to realize some new techniques, for which the decorative element is fundamental. Beaten and cut glass is characterized by an engraved surface with small irregular parallel scratches.


To obtain such Glazed surface some abrasive sand it is blown on the surface of the glass. Veiled glass is obtained with a light cutting.