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“Napoleone Martinuzzi (1892-1977) is considered one of the most significant innovators in the Murano glass art; art director at Venini 1925-1931.
Several new glass techniques were implemented in his creations, which include sculptures, lamps and collectible objects, all of which show his distinguished and unique style.”

* 707.08 Coral, Milk-White

Bamboo, Red, Grey, Mik-white, Apple Green, Aquamarine, Horizon


“Hand-blown glass cups with two overlapping colours. Its hand making is shown by the fold of the upper edge and its colours shade. Its name, Narciso, conveys the image of the flowers corolla which are always unique and different from one another.”


“ A lantern, a shelter of desires. The magic of glass that at the same time reflects, embodies and reveals, partially.
A signal and a sign of events. A paradigm of meetings that emit aromas and remote flavors. Remembrance of a Venice suspended between East and West, a door to knowledge and oblivion…
A memory of desert crossing, where the fiery sand anticipates a crystal clear future.”

Alogene 1 x max – 70W E27
Suitable for CFL